Political Prophecies: Sealing the Fate of al-Aqsa
Wednesday 05th of November 2014 06:35:10 PM
Israeli police fire at worshippers inside al-Aqsa Mosque. (EPA/Mahfouz Abu Turk/file)

By Ramzy Baroud

Israel's decision to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday, 30 October, is not just a gross violation of the religious rights of Palestinian Muslims.

In fact, the rights of Palestinian Muslims and Christians have been routinely violated under the Israeli occupation for decades, especially in Jerusalem, and more recently in Gaza. Dur


Fighting for Survival in the Sinai: Egypt's Convenient War
Wednesday 29th of October 2014 06:40:57 PM
An image from social media of Egyptian military purportedly demolishing homes in Northern Sinai. (Twitter/@GalalAmrG)

By Ramzy Baroud

Sinai is both heaven and hell. This triangular desert boasts an arid landscape of hopeless horizons often interrupted by leftover military hardware from previous wars. The land is comprised of breathtaking beaches, incredible history, and a fusion of fascinating cultures that reach back into the past as far as ancient times can possibly go. This thril


The Missing Context: 'Islamic State' Sectarianism is Not Coincidental
Wednesday 15th of October 2014 06:11:13 PM
Sadr City, Baghdad. (Zoriah - zoriah.net)

By Ramzy Baroud

Consider this comical scene described by Peter Van Buren, a former US diplomat, who was deployed to Iraq on a 12-month assignment in 2009-10:

Van Buren led two Department of State teams assigned with the abstract mission of the "reconstruction" of Iraq, which was destroyed in the US-led wars and sanctions. He FULL DETAILS

What if 'Islamic State' Didn't Exist?
Tuesday 30th of September 2014 11:46:30 AM
If IS didn’t exist, many in the region would be keen on creating one.

By Ramzy Baroud

What if the so-called Islamic State (IS) didn’t exist?

In order to answer this question, one has to liberate the argument from its geopolitical and ideological confines.

Flexible language

Many in the media (Western, Arab, etc) use the reference “Islamist” to brand any movement at a


Convenient Genocide: Another Failed War to Re-Arrange the Middle East
Thursday 18th of September 2014 10:08:14 AM
US experience in Iraq also taught us that its effort will only succeed in exacerbating an already difficult situation. (Zoriah.net)

By Ramzy Baroud

A few months ago, not many Americans, in fact Europeans as well, knew that a Yazidi sect in fact existed in northwest Iraq. Even in the Middle East itself, the Yazidis and their way of life have been an enigma, shrouded by mystery and mostly grasped through stereotypes and fictitious evidence. Yet in no time, the fate of the Yazidis became a rally cry


Fearing Political Islam: Why Arabs Betrayed Gaza
Tuesday 26th of August 2014 01:48:59 PM
Some Arabs wish to see Israel crush any semblance of Palestinian resistance. (Video footage still)

By Ramzy Baroud

Ask any Arab ruler, and they will tell you of the great sacrifices their countries have made for Palestine and the Palestinians. However, both history and present reality are testaments, not only to Arab failure to live up to the role expected of them and stand in solidarity with their own oppressed brethren, but also to the official Ar


Recruiting to Kill - It Is Not Just an Israeli War on Gaza
Tuesday 29th of July 2014 12:52:55 PM
US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) meets with Israel's President Shimon Peres in Tel Aviv on July 23, 2014 (AA via MEE)

To some, US secretary of state John Kerry may have appeared to be a genuine peacemaker as he floated around ideas during a Cairo visit on 25 July about a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian fighters in Gaza. But behind his measured diplomatic language, lies a truth not even America’


'Prince of Darkness' Disowns Iraq's Tragedy
Tuesday 08th of July 2014 12:46:46 PM
A sketched portrait of Richard Perle (Wikicommons/Rama)

By Ramzy Broud

As Iraq stands on the verge of a complete breakdown into mini sectarian states, former leading neoconservative and Iraq war advocate Richard Perle has chimed in on the situation on Newsmax TV. FULL DETAILS

Reverting to the Ummah: Who is the 'Angry Muslim' and Why
Wednesday 25th of June 2014 10:57:14 AM
The roots of the ‘angry’ Muslim youth is hardly a mystery. (Wikimedia Commons)
By Ramzy Baroud

“Brother, brother,” a young man called on me as I hurriedly left a lecture hall in some community center in Durban, South Africa. This happened at the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, when all efforts at stopping the ferocious US-western military drives against these two countries terribly failed.

The young man was dr

ISIL and Iraq’s Pandora's Box
Tuesday 17th of June 2014 11:08:13 PM
Iraq was allowed to ache in untold pain for over a decade. (HRW)

By Ramzy Baroud

Labeiki ya Zaynab,” chanted Iraqi Shiite fighters as they swayed, dancing with their rifles before news cameras in Baghdad on 13 June. They were apparently getting ready for a difficult fight ahead. For them, it seemed that a suitable war chant would be answering the call of Zaynab, the daughter of Imam Ali, the great Muslim Cal


The Lost Voices of the Arab Revolutions
Wednesday 04th of June 2014 04:15:06 PM
Unlike Mohamed Bouazizi, people should not have to set themselves ablaze to become worthy of a news report. (Wikimedia Commons)
By Ramzy Baroud

The Arab uprisings were sparked and fuelled by the justified demands of impoverished, oppressed peoples. The world's media almost entirely missed this narrative

Irrespective of how one feels about the direction taken by various Arab revolutions in the last three years, a few facts remain incontestable. Arab revolts began in the streets of

Haftar Leads A Coup: A General’s Odd War on the Muslim Brotherhood
Wednesday 28th of May 2014 03:19:12 PM
Retired General Khalifa Haftar. (Wikimedia)

By Ramzy Baroud

On 16 May, Libya’s rogue general Khalifa Haftar staged several bloody attacks against other Libyan militias in the name of eradicating terrorism by leading a paramilitary force evasively named the Libyan National Army. His well-equipped brigades were rapidly joined by officers from national army bases in the eastern parts of the country.


What the Media Not Telling Us about Yemen
Thursday 15th of May 2014 09:41:12 PM
Ali Abdallah Saleh meet with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, June 2004. (Helene C. Stikkel/Wikimedia Commons)
By Ramzy Baroud

“In Yemen today, the US embassy is closed to the public. Officials telling CNN there is credible information of a threat against Western interests there,” a CNN news anchor read the news bulletin on May 08.

This is CNN’s Yemen. It is a Yemen that seems to exist for one single purpose, and nothing else: maintain Western, and

Navigating Syria: The Impossible, Indispensable Mission
Wednesday 07th of May 2014 03:03:59 PM
How do you navigate an impossible story? You side with the victim. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
By Ramzy Baroud

I unfriended another Facebook friend this week. It may seem to be a trivial matter, but for me, it is not. The reason behind my action was Syria. As in Egypt, Syria has instigated many social media breakups with people whom, until then, were regarded with a degree of respect and admiration.

But this is not a social media affair. The probl

US Pursues 'Peace' on Israel's Terms
Tuesday 22th of April 2014 10:07:19 AM
Martin Indyk speaking at the Aspen Institute in March 2009. (Photo: The Aspen Institute/Flickr)
By Ramzy Baroud

To understand how thoughtless the latest US "peace process" drive has become, one only needs to consider some of the characters involved in this political theatre. One in particular who stands out is Martin Indyk.

Indyk, a former US ambassador to Israel, was last July selected by Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy fo

'Reality Check': US Empire beyond Salvation
Wednesday 09th of April 2014 08:58:46 PM
The neocons' drunkenness with military power led to costly wars that have overwhelmed the empire beyond salvation. (Photo: Zoriah)

By Ramzy Baroud

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry couldn’t hide his frustration anymore as the U.S.-sponsored peace process continued to falter. After eight months of wrangling to push talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority forward, he admitted while in a visit to Morocco on April 4 that the latest setback had served as a “reality check&rdquo


Kerry's Looming Deadline and the Peace Process Industry
Thursday 03th of April 2014 08:54:44 AM
In the last four decades, the 'peace process' became an American diplomatic staple in the region. (Photo: WH)
By Ramzy Baroud

As the US-imposed April 29 deadline for a ‘framework’ agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority looms, time is also running out for the American administration itself. The Obama administration must now conjure up an escape route to avoid a political crisis if the talks are to fail, as they surely will.

Tears of Yarmouk – The Palestinian Lesson that Every Syrian Should Know
Wednesday 05th of March 2014 11:09:43 PM
The Yarmouk Refugee Camp. (Photo: Laila Ben Allal)
By Ramzy Baroud

In the early days of the Syrian uprising-turned civil war three years ago, the writing on the wall of it becoming an intricate regional and international conflict was there for all to see. Palestinians in Syria were likely to find themselves a pawn in a dirty war, but few could have predicted the magnitude of the crisis, and perhaps, few cared.

The Libyan Bedlam: General Hifter, the CIA and the Unfinished Coup
Wednesday 19th of February 2014 06:32:00 PM
On Feb 14, Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hifter announced a coup in Libya.
By Ramzy Baroud

On Friday, Feb 14, 92 prisoners escaped from their prison in the Libyan town of Zliten. 19 of them were eventually recaptured, two of whom were wounded in clashes with the guards. It was just another daily episode highlighting the utter chaos which has engulfed Libya since the overthrow of Muammar Ghaddafi in 2011.

Much of this is often r

Preserving the Abu Ghraib Culture: The Harrowing Abuse of Iraqi Women
Wednesday 12th of February 2014 02:00:32 PM
It is as if the torturers have read from the same handbook. In fact, they did.
By Ramzy Baroud

“When they first put the electricity on me, I gasped; my body went rigid and the bag came off my head,” Israa Salah, a detained Iraqi woman told Human Rights Watch (HRW) in her heartrending testimony.

Israa (not her real name) was arrested by US and Iraqi forces in 2010. She was tortured to the point of confessing to terroris

Iraq near Implosion: The 'Bad Years' Are Back
Thursday 06th of February 2014 01:26:06 AM
Iraq’s 'bad years' seem to be making a comeback. (Photo: Zoriah - zoriah.net/file)
By Ramzy Baroud

As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hurried to his helicopter ready to take off at the end of a visit to Iraq last year, it was becoming clearer that the Americans have lost control of a country they wished to mold to their liking. His departure on March 24, 2013 was the conclusion of a ‘surprise’ visit meant to mark the 10th anniversa

Starving Refugees: How We Disowned Palestinians in Syria
Wednesday 08th of January 2014 06:54:45 PM
The latest disaster is the worst to strike the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria.
By Ramzy Baroud

A worst case scenario is unfolding in Syria, and Palestinian refugees, particularly in the Yarmouk refugee camp, are paying a heavy price for Syria’s cruelest war. They are starving, although there can be no justification, nor logistical explanation for why they are dying from hunger.

Spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UN

2013: Assessing the Conflict in Syria and Egypt – The War Continues
Wednesday 25th of December 2013 06:06:21 PM
Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan. (Photo: IRIN/File)

By Ramzy Baroud

2013 has expectedly been a terrible year for several Arab nations. It has been terrible because the promise of greater freedoms and political reforms has been reversed, most violently in some instances, by taking a few countries down the path of anarchy and complete chaos. Syria and Egypt are two cases in point.

Syria has been hit the


Beit Sahour: Boycott is Historically Palestinian
Tuesday 17th of December 2013 02:58:36 PM
First Intifada.
By Ramzy Baroud

As the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement continues to grow, and thus Israel’s international isolation, one must remember that the boycott is an authentically collective Palestinian strategy that is rooted in history.

The BDS debate is at such an advanced stage that it has indeed surpassed all expectations. A few years

From the Middle East to Lausanne: Arabic Thoughts amidst the Alps
Wednesday 11th of December 2013 09:04:57 AM
By Ramzy Baroud

Here in Switzerland, the train chugs along nicely between Geneva and Lausanne. The Alpine mountain range desperately fights to make its presence known despite the irritating persistence of low- hanging clouds. A friend had just introduced me to the music of J.J. Cale, but my thoughts were moving faster than the speed of the train. Time is too short

Impossible Dialogue: The Choice in Yemen
Wednesday 04th of December 2013 09:45:04 AM

By Ramzy Baroud

Chances are dim that elections will be held in Yemen next February. Yet without elections, the push for reforms and change that were inspired by the Yemeni revolution would become devoid of any real value. Yemenis might find themselves back on the street, repeating the original demands that echoed in the country’s many impoverished cities, streets an


Bernard Henri Levy and the Destruction of Libya
Wednesday 20th of November 2013 06:57:35 AM
Bernard-Henri Levy in Libya during the war.
By Ramzy Baroud

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is "the world's most influential Jew", Bernard-Henri Levy is number 45, according to an article published in the Jerusalem Post, on May 21, 2010. Levy, per the Post's standards, came only two spots behind Irving Moskowitz, a "Florida-based tycoon considered the leading supporter of Jewis

When Falsehoods Triumph: Why A Winning Palestinian Narrative is Hard to Find
Wednesday 13th of November 2013 07:19:38 AM
Salman Abu Sitta is one of Palestine’s foremost historians.

By Ramzy Baroud

(Editor’s Note: Ramzy Baroud will be conducting a speaking tour in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg starting Dec 2. For more information click here.) 


Asking the Wrong Questions: Did Arab Revolutions Fail?
Thursday 07th of November 2013 02:47:30 AM
Arab revolutions have not failed, but they have not succeeded either. (Photo: Via Aljazeera)
By Ramzy Baroud
Challenging the falsehoods and simplifications that surrounded the so-called Arab Spring from the very start doesn’t necessarily mean that one is in doubt of the very notion that genuine revolutions have indeed gripped various Arab countries for nearly three years.
In fact, the revolutionary influx is still underway, and

Lebanon Haunted by Ghosts of Civil War
Wednesday 30th of October 2013 02:07:15 PM
Lebanese soldiers and policemen work on the scene of car bomb explosion in the southern suburb of Beirut on August 16, 2013. (Photo: Via Press TV)
By Ramzy Baroud

Throughout the years, Lebanon's demographics have experienced periodic influx. But in the last two years, the demographic shift has become overwhelming due to the influx of Syrian refugees in desperate need of shelter. The situation is highly charged, if not perilous, considering Lebanon's unmanageable sectarian balances and the direct involvement o

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